Me Chinese, me play joke me put pee pee in your coke! If you're craving endless Chinese food, don't head here! The sushi was really hit and miss. Writing, slang, and crap all over the doors. A similar joke was heard by a website commenter in Idaho in the late s, in which a man on a camel arrives at his destination faster than others and says: I say unassuming because the building does not abbigliamento like your typical Chinese place. For management; you really need to work on your food quality and food safety!!!!!!

Pe Me Cinese

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My office and I decided we were going to go here, due to the fact that some of them had been before and said they enjoyed it. I gave four stars as for being a credenza, it is what it is. The sushi was really hit and miss. I did not see an ice cream station though I wasn't looking specifically for one. Atleast the equipe was nice and our drinks were always full. I wasn't keen on it and as my fiance is a man, he constantly looked up at it and commented on it. I tried a few rolls and all of the rolls with raw fish didn't taste good to me.

Pe Me Cinese Me Cinese Pe

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The egg pastry was amazing along with the fried dumplings, rice noodles, vinegar cucumbers, cheesy Krab, and pretty much every vegetable offering tasted good. A mix of Publix-level badturning avocado and ill-tasting fish, all the way to 'if this was hot it would have been amazing' fried rolls. The ceiling was interesting, too. Honestly duck this place, they've over charged us before we even sat down and have had no refills and the food was old as shit.

Pe Me Cinese

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Food that was empty was not refilled. They tasted like sweet potato casserole in solid-tater form. She can take the fall for blond jokes, too. I took about 7 pieces and ate about 3. Snitzberry making a submarine with a screen door.

Pe Me Cinese

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I know the only royal treatment I have had on my last two experiences, have been sitting on the throne for three days after eating here. If i could give this place a 0, i would. Overall, I feel like we got our money's worth during the lunch buffet and would come back if we're ever in the area again. The only roll I can say I partially enjoyed were the ones with only crab salad in them. They rarely eat Chinese food but they had some wings, rice, and treats. They did nothing to improve the offerings from the old to the new.

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But even some of those has weird tastes. It was probably my least favorite Chinese food experience I have ever had. I couldn't bring myself to eat anything else, as everything else on display didn't abbigliamento appetizing. The dumpling sauce was fantastic, best I've ever had. Then we entered the bathrooms:

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